I recently participated in Vision + Verse where I went to the local art museum and selected a piece that spoke to me, then write about it and present it to the group. I chose this piece called “Vignette- Wishing Well” by Kerry James Marshall

Oh and I made my own shirt just for tonight!

Title of my poem: seeds

In the midst of darkness, you may see lack, but I show my faith, for I’ve thrown seeds behind my back.

For what looks like a forest with desolate trees, looks like opportunity to me. To plant flowers that bloom where it is dark, watered by the faith that’s stored in my heart.

For out of the darkness shines a little light and while you see a shadow, that’s my cheerleader on the right. Someone silent and strong and willing to be. Supportive while I explore the dark areas in me.

Who is the man that’s down in the shadows, he’s whispering thoughts that only I know.

You see, He came from a battle of my past and serves as a memory that hard times won’t last.

Hey Tina, remember from whence you came, make your mark, plant your seed, make them remember your name.

What was meant to hold me down has tested my faith because good things come to those who wait.

There’s a lot of black in this space. It reminds me of the beauty of a Nubian face. While you attempt to describe black as a creepy night. I actually glow because I absorb the glorious light.

Coupled with pink makes me think of life in its many layers. I stand firm and throw hearts to all of the haters.

Moment captured is just a period of time. I praise God for the mountains I’ve had to climb.

Above the wishing well is a cliff, a reminder of Gods precious gift. Because just when I’m about to give up, my God is faithful to interrupt.

And just when I think I’m shouting alone, someone with a paintbrush comes along. He watches me!

Up and down, high or low,

There’s no place the love of God won’t go.

Rocks and wells, cliffs and trees, I’m surrounded by love that comes to find me.

I release and I receive whatever it is

for my life is not my own, it is His.

See the full performance in the YouTube link below!

About StLouisMartina

We live one life. We have many adventures. It’s not all glitz and glam. It’s not all doom and gloom. But I wake up every day and load my mule! Life is a beautiful mixture of it all. I've learned to always have a song in your heart. I will use my voice to tell my story. I only know one song but I’ll sing it for you. (❤️6’8”)
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