Ode to Girls with Natural Curls

Everyday, hear me when I say, we hope today, our hair don’t play.

Did you ever wonder why my arms are so strong? Even at the end of a long day, I still have to spend sometimes an hour “getting my hair ready” for tomorrow. Some of us have to do multiple things daily….Wash, condition, moisturize, twist, tease, comb, braid, brush, iron, lay, wrap and after all that, we hope that tomorrow, our hair will comply with the vision in our mind and reward us for all the work we have done. Dear hair, today, can you just ACT RIGHT?

Even a simple ponytail, afro puff, what appears to be a simple braid or twist requires manipulation. Brush, pull, lay, tie, now sleep pretty and wake up early in case you need plan B! Many nights, my sleep cap slid off my head at night and the twists that were laying are now standing, so in the morning they are reaching for the sky and stay that way! But oh on the days my hair cooperates, you can’t tell me nothing!!

Most of us have names for our hair. An alter ego if you will. One name for when “the mane” acts right and another name on the days that are uncooperative. But more and more I love my hair every day! Even on the “bad days”, like my attitude, it comes and it goes but it’s a part of me! I love the way that you can take one head of hair and wear it multiple ways for multiple looks and it just feels so good.

I love the way it feels to run my fingers through my curly fro. I love to sit and twirl my twists. I love to trace the pattern of my braids. I love that my hair stays where I tell it to stay and move when I tell it to move. I just love my hair! It took me years to feel this way.  Besides it being resilient and beautiful, Most of all, I love it because it is exactly as it grows out of my head. Natural. Home grown. All mine!
Wearing my hair as it naturally grows make me feel beautifully free! Beautifully me!! 

Ode to girls with natural curls!! We may dabble and play, work and pray.. we are versatile and resilient!!  It’s a lot of work but oh boy is it worth it! You’re beautiful just the way you are!!

 Check out the video! 



About StLouisMartina

We live one life. We have many adventures. It’s not all glitz and glam. It’s not all doom and gloom. But I wake up every day and load my mule! Life is a beautiful mixture of it all. I've learned to always have a song in your heart. I will use my voice to tell my story. I only know one song but I’ll sing it for you. (❤️6’8”)
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13 Responses to Ode to Girls with Natural Curls

  1. Yes, it is a love/hate relationship. I love my choice to let you be, but I hate the fact that my choice has made you too independent at times. For I feel my choice gave you a newfound independence without the ability to read me! You are disconnected to my emotions and really have an emotion that is separate from me. Great read, Tina! Ode to us; ode to you, ode to my BFF, and an ode to me. Much love, many blessings…lsmb

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  2. Brittani Garay says:

    Awww its such a love and hate relationship but live my hair

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  3. Donna Elle says:

    I love this! We are Beautiful! Thank you Martina

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  4. Angel Mckenzie says:

    This was creative and very beautiful! I absolutely love it! An amazing job by an incredible woman!!

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  5. Nameka Gaines says:

    I love it!!! This makes me even more happy I went natural. It is hard work but I’m getting use to it and love MY hair!! Thank you for this empowering blog/video. Y’all rock!!

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  6. Tomorris says:

    I love reading your blogs. It helps me identify with the strengths and struggles of women. Great post

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  7. Kathryn Gladden says:

    Just lovely


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